About Kyriakos Anastasakis

I was born on the beautiful island of Chios, Greece, where I received my primary school and high school education. At the age of 18 (in 1997), I moved to Athens to attend the Department of Informatics at the T.E.I. of Athens. In 2001 as part of a six month industrial placement, I joined Ulysses Systems, Piraeus as a junior Software Developer. In 2002 I received the degree of Informatics Engineer (Mihanikos Pliroforikis) from the T.E.I. of Athens. I continued to work for Ulysses Systems until the end of July of 2003. In 2003 I moved to Birmingham to study for the MSc in Advanced Computer Science at the School of Computer Science, at the University of Birmingham. In 2004, after I finished the MSc studies, I decided to stay in Birmingham and pursue a PhD degree in Computer Science. Since then I have been working towards the PhD in Birmingham under the supervision of Dr. Behzad Bordbar. Since 2005 I have been a part time self-employed software consultant. An interesting project I was involved in, was the development of a small scale CRM software for the Birmingham branch of MLP Private Finance. Since 2004 I have also been responsible for development and maintainance of the website of the Hellenic Society of the University of Birmingham.

I am back after two weeks of holidays. It was great. Just great! Had lot’s of rest, ouzo and food. The weather was great. Sunny and warm. Didn’t go swimming, but still… it was very nice and relaxing. Some pics:

My father outside the house.

My mom preparing a very nice barbecue.

Now back to work. The new term starts on Monday and a really busy winter is waiting for me! That’’s it… can’t write more! Have to get used to the laptop and long hours in the office again.

Well… looks like the preparations for the holidays are quite demanding! I have to clean the desk at the office, clean the house, pack my staff and take care of a couple of other bureaucratic details and install the new hdd at last!

I booked the tickets for the coach today. The return trip is going to be a mess. I will be arriving at Heathrow at 21:00 and the only coach available is at 23:59. I will be arriving home at 03:00 and I will have to wake up at 08:30.

On the outbound trip, I will be leaving Athens on the 9th after all. That gives me 11 days at the island. It should be enough to be bored to death…

P.S. I still haven’t received feedback for the first item I sold on eBay.

At last after some months, I am officially on holidays, since Friday!

I booked the tickets and I am leaving on Thursday! I will probably stay in Athens for a couple of days and then go back home. I’’ll be coming back on the 21st, hopefully with recharged batteries.

I had a very nice surprise party by Philipp and Arjun yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t have any my camera at home in order to take a picture of the great cake! Well, we spent the whole day doing nothing…we should do it more often!

Even though I am on holidays, I also organise the data in my hard disk, in order to install the new one I bought.

P.S. Some pics from Norway as promised:

Overview of Trondheim from a hill close to the hotel.

A bear in the hotel.

The river that passes through the city. Wonderful view.

I am back from the conference in Norway. Haven’t posted in many days, so I guess a lot of news.

Trondheim is a very nice place and apart from the fact I caught a cold and my presentation was not exactly up to my expectations (well.. I suppose a cold is a good excuse) , the rest were fine. There were some really nice talks and it proved to me that not all research is just theory, which is a very very good thing. Pics will follow.

I also bought a nice WD Scorpio 80GB 2.5” HDD for my laptop from dabs today. I will replace the one that I currently have in my laptop and the old one will be used as an external backup disk.

P.S. Forgot to mention that I sent my first item sold on ebay yesterday. It was a memory module from my laptop, that I removed because of an upgrade. Sold for ~10 pounds + 3.5 pounds for the package, is not bad at all. I hope it reaches the buyer safe (well… the packaging is not exactly professional) and the feedback left is good. The next item I might be selling is the that voice I got and rarely used (why did I buy it in the first place then)?

Today I made my first listing as a seller on Ebay. I decided to sell my spare laptop memory module. It’s really easy to do it and it does not take so much time at all! It starts at 0.99 pounds. Let’s see how much money I am going to make on this…

At last after the admin jobs, I have started writing the thesis proposal. I’ve already reached 1000 words. Well… if I keep up like that I should be able to finish it in 15 days. I know this is not going to happen, but I want to finish it ASAP.

I am finishing work early today. Now going to watch football for the qualifying of the CL (Visla-PAO).

Well! For the past days I have been engaged with details of the IKY report and the trip to Norway, that I have literally made ZERO progress on the thesis proposal and the research.
From tomorrow I am starting serious work (from the morning) on the thesis proposal. I also have to send out emails to arrange a date. And it is going to be SOON!

I was also looking for an 80 GB 2.5” hdd to use for backing up purposes now that my laptop is dying. I made bids on 2 items on ebay, but no luck. I am still trying! I was also looking for a new laptop. It seems that they are a bit expensive and I will have to wait at least until Xmas. I would also start searching for a part time job more actively.

I also decided that I should start studying for the Java Certification. The target date I should be ready is Xmas.

After 2 weeks or so we are starting again to regularly back to the gym. Weds and Sundays.

Apart from that I received today a mysterious email from a company asking for my details regarding a senior developer post in C. I don’t think my profile fits their needs, but I will send my details anyway.

Also my scepticism about the domain registration company is growing bigger. I was informed that someone sent an email to the anastasakis.net address three days ago, but I still haven’t received! Looks like I am moving to another company!

That’s it. I am already late for the gym and the rest are going to kill me!