I wanted to replace my old Logitech laptop speakers. I have recently started listening to Spotify a lot and I got a Netflix subscription, which I use on my Apple TV. So I needed some good 2.1 Speakers. Searching the Internet it looked like Edifier S730 where the best choice. It was a bit expensive around 300 euros.

It arrived in a heavy, solid box. I opened the box and the first items I removed was the controller with the cables and the remote. First thing I noticed: Many scratches on the screen of the device. It’s outrageous that they had a cover on the buttons of the thing, but not the screen! It seems that the cables and the plastic stand for the controller, which were in the same compartment in the box were scratching the screen all the way from China (or wherever they are made in) to Greece.  Apart from the scratches there was also a visible mark .




I contacted the shop where I bought them from and they were very very helpful. I am expecting a new controller in 10 days, hopefully without any scratches. If you pay 300 Euros for speakers, you expect some quality, at least when they arrive brand new. If they are susceptible to scratches it’s your job to look after them once you start using them, but they first have to arrive in a good condition!

For the sound quality part/review, there are loads of reviews and youtube videos. Speakers come with a 3.5mm to RCA, RCA to RCA and coaxial cables. They do not come with optical audio cable though. What I can say is that I connected my Macbook pro headphones exit to the speakers using the 3.5 mm to RCA. The sound was not what I expected. Certainly better than my old speakers, but still it seemed to be missing something.

Then I thought that maybe the headphones exit of my soundcard is not a good choice. So, I used airplay to send only sound to my Apple TV, which I connected to the speakers using an optical cable. Not sure if it’s just my idea, but I have a feeling the sound is a bit better with this setup.


Update: As it turns out, the screen has a plastic protector and the scratches were against this plastic. The plastic cover is attached to the screen and doesn’t protrude. You need to use your fingernails on the edge of the screen to remove it.

I recently received an Apple TV as a gift. I saw that it had inherent support for watching NBA games. I had to buy an international NBA League Pass subscription, login and that should be it.

1. NBA League Pass Apple TV Only Available in Certain Countries

I bought a monthly League Pass Premium subscription. However, it turned out that even if you buy a subcription Apple TV is not available in certain countries! This was not evident on the fist subscription screen where it showed that if I bought a subscription I would have access from “multiple platforms”. The logo of Apple TV, Xbox, Kindle appeared amongst other logos.

2. Cancelling my Subscription

I assume the lack of any clear indication that some platforms are not available in certain countries constitutes false advertising. But still, I just decided to cancel my subscription. I logged into my account on the league pass website. I navigated to all available screens. There is no visible way to cancel the subscription. What’s worse is that under the “My Packages Section” it is mentioned:

Below is a list of your current packages and upgrades if available

Excellent! I can upgrade my subscription (i.e. pay more) but there is no direct way to cancel it! I sent an email to their support and I am waiting for their response.

I still have good faith in the League and I hope that my horrible experience was due to incompetent software engineers who can’t provide vital information available at first glance and can’t support some standard functionality like unsubscribing.


Update:  The situation is a joke. I sent them two emails without any reply. I tried to login to my account on the web and it says the account has been locked. Ok, I wanted to cancel my subscription, but I have already paid for 30 days! If you forbid me to login at least return the amount of money already paid. I am not going to spend any more time on this.

When I saw the comic on the new google chrome browser I was very excited. It seems to promise that I will never have to restart the whole browser if just one of the 10 open tabs crashes. No more 100% utilisation for heavyweight javascript sites?

My first experiences (I’ve only been playing with it for 10 minutes):

1) Doesn’t import my huge firefox visited sites history. If during the installation I ask it to import the history it just doesn’t proceed, without any error. The third time I tried to import my firefox settings I unticked the “import history” and it worked.

2) It seems to take longer to initially load up a page (I guess because it spawns a new process each time a new tab is opened and because of the javascript VM).  But once Continue reading