This is another script I found while cleaning up my hdd. Now, we all know that java .class files can be decompiled to (a version) of their source code. The first java decompiler out there is jad. I tried to decompile some of my class files using jad.exe, but I couldn’t find a way of decompiling multiple .class files at the same time. So instead of digging into the documentation, I decided to quickly create a script that allows me to decompile a number of .class files at the same time.

Here’s how it works! I created a VBScript that goes through a directory (and subdirectories) of .class files and creates a dos batch file. The dos batch file can now be used to run and actually decompile all the .class files!

The VBscript can be found under this link: Decompile_vbs.

You need to edit it and change the paths to the .class and source directories.

When you execute this file, it will create a dos batch file like this one: Example_decompile.batPlease note this batch file will be generated under the directory where jad.exe exists! You can now run this batch file, which will actually decompile the .class files.