If you are interested in UML2Alloy, please visit the project webpage.


SubvStats is small java program I developed, that gathers simple statistics of a subversion repository.

For more information please visit the project webpage.


i-AndyBlue is a version of the popular wordpress 3-column theme andyblue with support for internationalisation (i.e. multilanguage support). Currently the theme supports English and Greek, but you can add your own translation easily (well.. if you know a bit about tranlating themes in wordpress). In the i-AndyBlue distribution you will find a directory called languges and a translate.po file.  This file was developed using poEdit.

For more information on using poEdit to create your own translation, please use check the poEdit and the wordpress sites.

You can download version 1.6 of the i-Andyblue theme by clicking here.


This is a small MS Access application that creates an Access report of the Tables, the Fields and the field types of another MS Access database. When used in conjunction with the Relationships view of Access, it can provide an overview of the Database schema. The Access application can be downloaded here (zip file).

A screenshot of a sample report:

Screenshot of accessdbtableinfo
Screenshot of accessdbtableinfo

Narkalieutis (Ναρκαλιευτής σε DOS)

This is a DOS version of the minesweeper game I developed as one of the many interesting lab assignments for the C module at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. It should work under DOS and Windows (95/98/2000/XP). The user interface is in Greek.  The download link is here Enjoy!!

Screenshot of Minesweeper
Screenshot of Minesweeper

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