Recently I’ve been playing around with a webbrowser control to automate my interaction with a website for testing purposes. I am using C# and DOT NET.

I found it a bit difficult to change the value of an HTML combobox (i.e. dropdown), but as it turns out it’s rather easy.I used the following code to change the value of a combobox named: “test” to the value 12.

This code was used for the following HTML:

Finally the following code was required to press the “Submit” button.

I recently wanted to get the usage of my CPU in C#. After searching the internet I found a way of doing it using the PerfomanceCounter class. I made a couple of changes and I created the following class, which seems to work.

Using the statement: SystemUtils.getCpuUsage() you should be able to get an integer number showing the CPU usage.

A few weeks ago ( I posted that I was interested in .NET certification. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to work on it since then. The main incentive was to get acquainted with the DSL tools provided in .NET 3.0 (even though the available certification exams are only for .NET 2.0).

Today I read an article in ComputerWeekly that there is a shortage of .NET skills (

It would be interesting to work on a contact .NET project and see the potential of applying Model Driven techniques in practice… But I guess I will have to find some time to study for the certification first.

DinnerNow is a .NET 3.0 sample application. I heard about it on ArcCast (

DinnerNow is an interesting application taking advantage of most of .NET 3.0 Windows Foundations (i.e. WCF, WPF, etc) and the source code is available for download. I want to download the source code and play with it over the weekend and familiarise with those kinds of technologies.

Lately I have started becoming interested in becoming a .NET certified professional. But is it worth it starting to work towards a .NET 2.0 certification, considering the visual studio 2008 will be out in 6 months time? However it will probably take sometime after the release of VS 2008 for MS to review their certifications.

For the time being I am thinking of working in my spare time for the MCPD: Web Developer certification. The main reason for this is that I need to get my mind off the PhD from time to time. I also have a free copy of VS 2005 Professional, when I attended the launch tour, so practising for the exams shouldn’t be a problem. My plan is to be ready for the first exam by sometime at the end of August. Let’s see if I can make it!