Zenbe Lists has been down for the past few days and I am losing track of my things todo. Had a huge list of things to do on my days off, but…  Anybody got any suggestions for a TODO lists program that works with iOS 3.0.1 and will sync with a PC? Guess I could always try a pen and a piece of paper, but I am afraid it will take me some time to remember how to use this archaic user interface.

3 thoughts on “Zenbe Lists is Down = Personal Organisation Gone Bonkers

  1. Had the same issue this week, I used to rely on Zenbe for my work and personal organization but I had to switch to OmniFocus after Zenbe was down for 3 consecutive days. Love it, but I miss the List sharing feature of Zenbe.

    • Thanks for the feedback, but I am not paying 16 euros for an app no matter how good it is! Technically Zenbe lists still works both on my iPhone and iPad, it’s just that it won’t sync. Judging by the dead links on Zenbe’s website I would assume they are down for good. There’s no free lunch after all 🙂

  2. I have converted to wunderlist2, which is free and it fits all my needs. It has a website, native apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac and sync between all devices. So, when I am at the office (windows operating system) I use their website, when I am at home I use the native Mac app, on the road I use their iPhone app and when I am on holidays I use their iPad app.

    I only they had integrated their calendar with the native iOs calendar.


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