I am talking of course about Stewie Griffin, the baby from Family Guy! On http://www.stewielive.com/ you can interact with him. You type in a command and he replies. I played a bit and found out he responds to the following commands (in parentheses are my comments):

  • doctor
  • simpsons (that’s naaaastyyy as Cleveland would say!)
  • meg (I know quite a few women for whom Stewie’s opinion applies perfectly!)
  • brian
  • chris
  • kill lois (of course!)
  • deuce (of course!)
  • victory is mine (or broccoli)

Moreover he responds to the following commands:

money, dance, sex, eat, sleep, poo, ass, stewie, time machine, evil twin, quagmire, tricycle, walk, scratch, baby, damn it, bitch, fat, hands, blink, nose, mouth, spit, talk, mind control, god, cow, love.

On the other hand he doesn’t seem to respond to the following commands:

herbert (I mean come on… if stewie doesn’t have a line on an old, pervert paedophile… who does?), hair, bertram, shut up, fox, easter egg, seth, MacFarlane, Quahog, imbecile, cleveland, adam, west, teeth, diaper, sewing machine, car, beat up, Rupert, swim

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