Update: Please note that I am in no way affiliated to the mytv service, in fact I am no longer abroad and I have stopped using it! So please do not send comments or e-mails for support requests! This post is just describing how to convert recorded mytv files into divx format! Thank you!

There is an internet service ( http://www.greeklive.tv/ ), which broadcasts greek tv channels over the internet. It is a subscription service, but it is probably worth the money considering you can watch all shows of the most popular greek tv stations of the past 6 days. Anyway, I only use to watch basketball games.

This service has its own program (myTV.exe) , which has the ability to record a show. Now, the stream data is encrypted and the videos saved are not easy to transfer as they are encoded using a very unpopular codec. If you want to convert the video files saved by the application to DivX or other popular video formats, all you need to do is use the anyMP4 Media Converter.

15 thoughts on “Convert MyTV recorded files to DivX

  1. Mr. Anastasakis,
    Are you going to be working with other services , that will be providing greek live tv programming in the future?
    Thank you

  2. Mr. Anastasakis,
    Would you be using different services that will provide on line live greek programming of major TV stations? and if yes would you please ler me know?
    Thank you
    Alexandra Shiroma

  3. Hello Kyriakos,
    I am trying to connect to the tv chanels that are mentionned on the myTv.exe software but there is a message that I don’t have enough credits for watching. My question is HOW do I pay them?? There is no way I can reach them.. Thanks in adavance,

  4. Mipos kseri kaneis sas pos mboroume na to kanoume crack to mytv.exe? Den mboro na epikinoniso mazi tous kai tous exo stili 3 emails mexri tora.

  5. Thanks for the info Kyriako. I tried to download anymp4 media encoder and during installation my Sophos anti-virus reports a trojan and removes one of the dll files. Consequently, the program does not convert any of the files.

    Do you know of any other converters that could handle myTV recoreded files?



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